Treatment without pain

Modern dental treatment is completely different from the one that Patients often mention in the chair, thinking about the times of youth. Today, anesthesia is a standard element of the treatment performed.

In our facility, we use the most proven local anesthesia. We introduce them gently, with fine needles, exactly into the area of the treated tooth, so that the discomfort during the administration of anesthesia is as little as possible, and the effectiveness – the highest possible.
When looking for information about pain-free treatment, you will probably come across information that there are so-called “Computer anesthesia”. In our dental office in Racibórz, we made a conscious decision not to introduce them to our offer. Our experience shows that while the effectiveness of computer anesthesia during the procedure is comparable to traditional anesthesia administered with a syringe, after the anesthesia subsides, patients who have used a computer system complain about further ailments more often. Bearing in mind your comfort, also after the treatment, after a few hours at home, we offer good, proven and effective solutions.

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