Aesthetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry offers a wide range of possibilities, thanks to which you can enjoy a “Hollywood smile”. The selection of appropriate treatments depends on the patient’s needs. Check which solution is best for you:

Problem: I have healthy teeth, I like their shape, but I want them to be whiter

The best solution: safe teeth whitening with the Prevdent system (read more)

Problem: I don’t like the shape and color of my teeth, but they are caries-free.

The best solution: ceramic veneers, “bonding”

Problem: I have a lot of old, ugly fillings in my front teeth, under which I have caries.

The best solution: All-ceramic or zirconium oxide crowns, ceramic veneers

Problem: I have very short, ugly, worn teeth that are hardly visible when smiling.

Comprehensive treatment in line with the philosophy of the prestigious Dawson Academy

Problem: I have one or more teeth missing

The best solution: Crown on implant, prosthetic bridge

If you have any other problem with your smile, please tell us about it during the consultation. We make the final decision about the best solutions together with the patient during the visit.

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